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Conscious Dust
3 April 1986

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Obsession isn’t a flaw. It's just a little obsessive.

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You can trust me when I say, if you think you get along with me, it's as certain as it is that Mulder&Scully are in love, that you will get along with her. She's amazing and I love her. - so_vieh

You're my moral compass and you make me laugh. - medland

I always imagine you sat at home eating chocolate watching something sci-fi-y in your pyjamas with your hamsters running around your feet. - My daily life, as pictured by my old school friend Helena.

Wise and kind and a little crazy. You're basically Dumbledore. - so_vieh (again)

You are MADE of flail! - outintherain (repeatedly)

You are so sad. - My sisters, also repeatedly

Stories are the most important thing in the world. Without stories, we wouldn't be human at all
Some of my posts are public, some are friends only, and some are filtered, depending on their content. If for some bizarre reason you want to read all of them (I'm really not that interesting) just friend me or comment. I'll most likely add you back; I adore reading people's journals (I'm nosy) and new friends are always welcome.

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activism, aliens, all that tree-hugging stuff, amnesty international, animal rights, annoying over-cheerfulness, anti-capital punishment, backpacking, battlestar galactica, being a giant geek, being a giant hippy, being crafty, being green, books, buffy the vampire slayer, c.s lewis, castiel, children's literature, chronicles of narnia, cognitive behavioural therapy, conspiracies, curiosity, discworld, doctor who, documentaries, dollhouse, earth, english children's literature, english literature, equal rights, equality, ethical living, fair trade, fairytales, fandom, fanfiction, fangirl gatherings, fangirling, fantasy, feminism, feminist theory, fictional angels, fight the future, firefly, flailing, formula one, geekisms, gender studies, george orwell, gillian anderson, glamorous indie rock'n'roll, glee, hamsters, harry potter, heroines, his dark materials, human rights, ikea, inside jokes, intelligent television, jenson button, jk rowling, joss whedon, jostein gaarder, knitting, literature, lord of the rings, lush, m*a*s*h, margaret atwood, mark snow, mental health, miranda, misha collins, museums, musicals, mythology, natural living, neil gaiman, nestle boycott, northern lights, nursing, ooh look what's that?, optimism, ouroboros, oxfam, palliative care, peace, philip pullman, photos, popular culture, pro-choice, qi, queer theory, sarah waters, sci-fi, science fiction, serenity, spaced, stargate, supernatural, tea, terry pratchett, the amber spyglass, the daily show, the hunger games, the virgin suicides, the x-files, tim burton, tolkien, top gear, torchwood, vegetarianism, wolverhampton wonderers, wolves, women's studies, words, x-files, yawping